Cottage Season!

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It’s cottage season!

Have you recently purchased or sold a cottage? We offer moving services to/from most areas in Ontario, and can help with your move during the summer heat!  Save yourself the trouble and contact us for a free quote today!  Don’t waste your weekends doing all the heavy lifting – leave it to us and we can have you set up while you are taking a dip in the lake!  Contact us for more details or to book our cottage moving services today!

Finally – summer!

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Victoria Day weekend has come and gone, and we find ourselves staring straight into the face of SUMMER!  Suddenly, the city seems like a much happier, vibrant place!

We get asked a lot about storage space – especially during this peak time.  We work in partnership with many local facilities, and can offer some of the best rates.  Short-term (i.e. less than a month) storage required?  Call us today and get some of the best rates in the city!  Here is a reference from a recent customer:

Thank you, Five Star, for the excellent service this past month.  It was tough planning a move into storage for 2 weeks (and figure out where to live during that time), and you guys made it so much easier.  We are finally in our new home and we are so glad to have had the chance to work with Five Star Movers twice to get our things in & out of storage. You really made moving painless.  Everything is in excellent condition, and we were glad it all went so smoothly.  Thanks especially to Chris & Phil who really worked quickly and professionally.  – Janet C.

We are booking up quickly for the rest of the summer – thanks, in part, to reviews and references like this!  Please contact us today for a free quote to learn more 647-348-0886.

Spring has Sprung!

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It’s April in the GTA and finally – yes, finally – the birds are chirping, sun is out, and the weather is expected in the double-digits!  It’s spring (at least for a few days)!

We are excited about this upcoming season for many reasons.  We are preparing for some new and exciting partnerships (stay tuned for details) and getting ready for our busiest time of the year.  Summer is a very busy time for the moving industry, as many people look to move in the nicer weather.  Trucks book up quickly across the city in the months of May through September, as people tend to plan their moves as far in advance as they can!

If you plan on moving this season, and you are located in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville or anywhere else in the GTA, we would encourage you to start shopping around for moving quotes and book your movers soon – to avoid disappointment later.  Booking your movers in advance gives you time to focus on other things this summer – and helps take some of the chaos out of this busy time.

Our customer, Sandra, recently sent a testimonial about our services, in the same tone:

Thank you, Five Star, for taking my booking so far in advance! I was nervous, at first, to commit to a company 3 months before my move, but your team followed through regularly to make sure I had everything I needed for my big day.  Your team showed up on time, and took care of everything we talked about.  Booking with you early was fantastic – I got to plan out the other parts of my move, knowing that I had my movers already secured.  I knew exactly what day I would be in the home – and that allowed me to get the painters in early, and new appliances delivered before our belongings got in the way.  The timing couldn’t have been better – thank you for your professional service, and for accommodating my move and the many changes I made along the way! – Sandra, Mississauga

Another Five Star Move! Please contact us today for your free quote: 647-348-0886!

Holiday Moves

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Whether we like it or not, the holidays fall right around the end of the month, which is still ‘moving time’ for many people!  Five Star Movers prides itself on providing exceptional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to all of our customers.  The holidays are a time meant to be shared with family and loved ones, and we can take care of all the packing, unpacking and heavy lifting while you do just that!

Five Star Movers does not charge any additional fees for Holiday moves!  Bookings made on long weekends, stat holidays, and other ‘big days’ are not charged a premium.  In fact, we don’t have any hidden fees when it comes to our services.  Give us a call today to learn more!

Fall Is Here!

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Fall is here!

Fall is officially here and, with it, we see a number of requests for those hoping to move before the Canadian snow moves in!  Five Star Movers is not deterred by a little cold, wet weather – instead, we thrive in this season and do our best to move you quickly so you can get cozy in your new home before the holiday rush.

We recently had an elderly client who needed our help moving from one apartment building in Mississauga to another in Oakville.  She was very concerned about her belongings, as we had experienced so much rain this season.  24 hours before her move, she called to confirm that the weather would be especially rainy.  Not to worry!  Five Star always comes prepared with enough blankets, floor runners, and krabble/wrap to make sure that all valuable objects and furniture items are moved without damage.

When we got to the first apartment in Mississauga, we carefully wrapped large credenzas, dressers, beds, and all other wood furniture in large industrial blankets.  This protects items from scuffs, scratches, and water damage when moving in inclement weather.  All glass and pictures were wrapped in krabble which also has a protective barrier against moisture.

When we got to the new apartment in Oakville, we made sure to put down our floor runners, as the rain had picked up quite a bit outside.  Even though we were walking through the hallways of the building before reaching her unit, we made sure to protect our client’s floors in her new apartment, to avoid any unnecessary mess.  Five Star Movers understands that there is more to do on moving day than clean up unwanted footprints in your home!

Our client was thrilled with the service she received, and we were so glad we could take away all of her fears and concerns.  Her furniture was unpacked in tip-top condition, and her apartment floors were free from any water and other damages.

Another Five Star Move!

Back to School!

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Back to School season is here again and, for some families, this means big changes.  Many young adults will remember this year as the time they packed up and left for college or university in another big city.  It can be an exciting and emotional time for parents and their children, alike.

At Five Star Movers, we understand the importance of feeling ‘settled’ in your new home away from home.  We are a family-owned and operated company, ourselves, and we have been through many similar changes of our own.

A customer recently called us to help move their daughter from Toronto to Hamilton for school.  We could immediately tell it was a very stressful time for the parents – as they also have two younger children they have to prepare for ‘back to school’ season.  It was also the daughter’s first time moving away, and she was excited and overwhelmed at the same time!  We assured her parents that we could pack up their daughter’s belongings, wrap all of her furniture, and move and unpack it in Hamilton within the time allotted.  Since it was a one-bedroom move from Toronto to Hamilton (about an hour away), we completed the job in one day, giving their daughter an ample amount of time to get used to her new apartment and enjoy it a bit before the stress of school began.  On moving day, the parents could leave us to unpack and set up the space, while they grocery-shopped and got last-minute items ready for their daughter’s new home.

All-in-all, we were happy to help a family during an important milestone in their lives.  Another Five Star Move!

Peak Moving Season

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Peak Moving Season is upon us in Toronto (June – October) and moving your possessions efficiently and carefully is important to both you and us. Our clients should be focusing on cottage vacations and summer plans with the kids, rather than putting all their efforts into packing and moving into their new home.

One of our clients this past week was in a sticky situation. She had booked a ‘cheaper’ moving company in Toronto for the Canada Day long weekend, but the movers never showed up on the booked date. After 4-hours of waiting, she was stranded with her kids, needing to get out of her old 2-bedroom apartment, and into her new home in Toronto’s east end right away.


We got the phone call from our client on the day of her originally scheduled move. She was extremely upset, and nervous about committing to another company who was going to let her down. We assured her that we could be there with two men and a 26-foot truck within three hours of her call, and provided an hourly rate that she was comfortable with. In fact, she was surprised that we did not gauge her with long-weekend rates or hidden fees for last-minute bookings. Since we had another move finishing up early in her area, we were confident we could accommodate her at our regular rate. Five Star Movers is thorough with our rates at the time of booking, and we never surprise with ‘hidden fees.’ When we got to the apartment, we took care of quickly and efficiently wrapping all of the clients’ furniture in blankets and other padded materials, to keep all her items safe from scratches and damage. We were able to fit all of her furniture comfortably in our larger truck (that we use at no additional charge to the client) and completed the move from start to finish before nightfall. Another FIVE STAR MOVE!

Five Star Moves #1

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At Five Star Movers, we do our utmost to provide you with the best moving service in Toronto. Moving can be a stressful ordeal, and many of our clients are busy professionals who depend on a reliable service that is also affordable. We had a client call us this past month who required packing and storage services for their 1 bedroom apartment.  The client wanted long-term storage near their current residence, as the client was moving abroad for a new job opportunity.  They needed the help of a professional and reliable mover.


Our team estimated that a crew of three men was needed to complete the move within the budget and time allowed. A 26ft truck was provided to complete the move in one trip.  We prefer to send our large trucks, regardless of the size of the job, at no extra cost. Time is money, and completing a 1 or 2 bedroom move in two or three trips using a small truck is expensive and a waste of time. Since the customer also required packing services, we provided the client with all the material required for long-term storage including boxes, shrink wrap, krabble roll and styrofoam peanuts. A storage facility was found near the client’s location and, as requested, the client had 24/7 access to the storage locker. The move was completed within budget and on time.  Another FIVE STAR MOVE!