Let’s face it: moving homes can be expensive. There are so many costs incurred that some can slip under the radar when preparing a budget. Even when getting a good rate from a reputable moving company, you still have to consider setting up costs, utility hook-ups, hotels (if a long-distance move), food, child & pet care, and packing. Yes, packing. It is a cost that we often take for granted and don’t even think about until it is time to pay the bill. Packing up a home is a time-consuming and potentially expense chore. But, there are ways to help cut down the cost. Consider these points:

Professional Packers vs. Doing It Yourself

Packing up the house yourself is an attractive option when you are trying to save money. Many people will opt for it. This way, you know where everything is located and you can pack everything together exactly the way you want it. It makes it easier when you are organizing at your new home because you can just place the boxes in the appropriate rooms and unpack. Do-it-yourself packing might seem like an easy way to save money. After all, anyone can place items in a box, right? Well….it isn’t really that simple.

Packing up a house is a lot more complicated than simply throwing things into a container. When done properly, packing up a house can be compared to doing a puzzle; you need to make everything fit perfectly if you want to maximize the space being used. Not to mention, if your items are not packed and padded properly, they could be damaged in the move. Before you start packing on your own, ask yourself this: are you better at packing than someone who has been trained and does it as part of their job? Something else to consider: how valuable is your time? Packing and unpacking can take a lot of time; even longer if you don’t have experience. By having a professional do the packing, you can spend your valuable time on the many other chores you will need to take care of. This is not meant to discourage do-it-yourself packing; it is just to make you realize what is actually involved. If you choose a reputable moving company, they will often offer packing services.

Purge Yourself

There are other ways to cut down on expenses. If you have fewer items to move and pack, then it will cost less money. Changing homes is often an ideal time to go through your belongings and get rid of items that you do not need or no longer use. Clothes, furniture, appliances; what do you really need in the new home. If you didn’t use it before, you are not likely to need it in the future. Throw it out or give it away. You will have less to move and less to worry about. The garage is traditionally a mausoleum of old junk that we no longer use.

Move Some Things On Your Own

Another way to cut down on items that need to be packed is by moving them yourself in your car. You don’t have to turn your car into a moving fan, but things like sports equipment, blankets, luggage, some electronics, and small boxes could be moved in your trunk or back seat. Every little bit counts.

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