There is no doubt that moving homes is stressful for the entire family. The planning, packing, cost, and logistics can be such a nightmare for the adults that the mere thought of moving can make you sigh in annoyance. As for the children, the thought of a new school and losing old friends can be a little distressing. Luckily, there are plenty of helpful resources to help any family cope with the stress of moving. But, what about our four-legged (or no-legged) family members? For most, pets are a member of the family and we don’t really consider them during the moving plans. However, we should; moving can be very stressful to pets and, unlike humans, we can’t really explain to them what is happening. Consider these points when moving with pets:


If the option is available, your best bet is a kennel or pet-boarder. This way, your mind will be at ease knowing your pets have a place to stay and will be well taken care of, which will allow you to focus on moving. Make sure to properly research and scope out any service you are considering for your pets.

Friends & Family

If a pet-boarder is not an option, try friends or family. They will likely already know the pet and you can go back any time to check up on them. Not everyone you know may be able to accommodate, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Keep Them Contained

You may have no other option but to keep your pets with you during the move. If this is the case, keep them contained. Find a room in your new home and have your pets stay in that area during of the duration of the move. Make sure no one other than yourself goes in and out of that particular area. Keep birds, rodents, and other small animals in their holding containers. Be aware that indoor cats, birds, and small rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters) are particularly sensitive to changes in their environments and may run away if they become to unnerved and have the chance.

Update Identification

Better safe than sorry; update all animal identification before the move and change it to your new address. This should include both tags and microchip information. If your dog or cat get lose, at least they will be tagged with your latest home address.

Speak to the Vet

If the move mean that your pet will be in transit for a long period, consult with your vet regarding cautions that may need to be taken to ensure their health. Moving environments can affect animals differently than humans; you want to make sure they are both happy and healthy.


Do not try and move your pet in the aquarium. You are only asking for more trouble. Take your pet out before moving and out them in a smaller temporary home. Do your best to replicate their aquarium as much as possible; it can be detrimental to their health.

Consider Their Comfort

Whether you gate your dog off in a room or place your tarantula in a temporary container, do everything you can to ensure they are safe, fed, and comfortable. After all, they ARE members of the family!

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