Moving is often considered a stressful time, often due to tight timeframes and financial pressure; however, there is a bright side – it can be a wonderful chance to declutter your space! Take only the things you really need to your new house, and leave behind old items and broken furniture that have accumulated after years in your current home. You might think that moving from your current house would mean looking for a bigger space so that you can fit in all the things that have made your house stuffy and cramped; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Look closely and you’ll discover that there are many items in your house that you have not used for the past year or two, and likely won’t use again in the future. Before calling professional home movers or residential movers do your best to cleanse your house of unnecessary items. Host a yard sale with the furniture, decorations, rugs, or clothes you do not need anymore. Toss out anything that is at the end of its life and doesn’t add value to anyone.

What do you get by decluttering?

As you clean your house, you can easily get rid of all the unwanted items and broken furniture that is taking up space. The benefit? You don’t have to move to experience the benefits. Decluttering before you move means you will get to enjoy a new, fresh space.

Setting up a yard sale or selling the unwanted items on Craigslist or Facebook will fetch some cash, which you can use to pay your moving company. In addition, less items to move on moving day means you will have a more cost efficient move! Don’t underestimate the time it would have taken to move those unnecessary items to your new home.

As you move around the house clearing out unwanted items, the really important ones will also get a cleanup. Thus, you not only get a dust-proof home and clean furniture, but you reduce the work you’ll need to do when you get to your new home.

As you declutter your space, consider packing as you go, and labelling boxes that will be moved by the moving company you’ve hired. Coming up with a packing system can help save you time and money on moving day.

A few helpful tips on decluttering

  • It does not matter whether you are moving to a bigger or smaller space. If the new home has less space, decluttering will help to fit all your important belongings in the space you get. If the new home is bigger, you will be left with a lot of space for new accents and fresh decor.
  • If you move clutter, you will need to pay your house movers or residential movers to move the clutter, as well. If you get rid of the unwanted items in advance, you will save a lot of money. If it is impossible to purge ahead of time, have your junk items put aside, and ask your movers to dispose of them for you. Many can work out a deal to dispose at a dump on your behalf, and you will save time unloading them at the new home.
  • Moving is always an overwhelming experience – especially if you’re leaving an old home, and neighbourhood behind. Take the positive, and use the move as an opportunity for a fresh start. Decluttering your space and decorating your new home with only the best of things is an amazing experience that you should not miss. Remember, the way you will place the furniture and the appliances in your new home will make you feel good, so do not let clutter affect the look of your new space.
  • If you have plans to sell your old house, decluttering will make it presentable for prospective buyers. Clean out cupboards and cabinets in kitchens, bathrooms and closets, especially, and help prospective buyers get a better look at your property and decide whether there is enough space for them to stay there.

Things to remember before calling residential movers

Before you hire movers, make sure you don’t ignore some golden rules prior to a move:

  • Stop buying new things for your old home before moving day. Wait until you’re in your new home to start accessorizing and accenting, so that you can try your new purchases in their new element.
  • People often attach memories to old things in the house and hang onto them for dear life. When moving to a new home, these can hold you down. Take a photo outside your old home, bring 1-2 items that remind you of your abode, but purge the rest, especially if they are unnecessary and take up space.

Of course, there are many additional tips and tricks we can share with you to prepare for moving day. If you are looking for movers who can assist with purging and taking items for disposal, as well as experienced and professional residential movers, then Five Star Movers is the best moving company to hire. With over 20 years in the moving industry, we are professional, efficient and affordable. We are upfront with our pricing, and pride ourselves in offering quotes with NO hidden fees. Contact us today for a FREE move quote!