If you are considering moving your house and have the option to choose a great time to move, opt for the spring. Springtime is considered the best season to move, when the temperature and weather conditions are just right for doing all your packing and unpacking. Spring is the season when the winter is on its way out and things are starting to turn green and bloom. Even with the occasional rain, there is no major disadvantage to moving in the spring. To top it off, this is the time of year to clean up, brighten up and start a new season fresh! Moving to a new home and starting all over again could be a welcome change in your life. If you are looking for reasons to move, and do your packing and unpacking in the spring, here are some of our top reasons to do so:

Comfortable weather: The weather in the spring is perfect for moving. You won’t be sweating too much, nor will you be chilled to the bone. Spring has the perfect blend of weather conditions that can make your moving fun and enjoyable. The pleasant weather lets you do a lot of hard work that comes with moving, without worrying about nuisances like snow or extreme heat, etc. Keep an eye on the weather, though. Like anything else, we know it’s completely unpredictable and heavy rains – though not consistent in Ontario – can still dampen your plans.

Do some spring cleaning: Spring is the time when many homes opt for thorough cleaning and you, too, can unclutter your home before moving day. Avoid packing and unpacking unwanted items in your new house – just pack and store the items you need the most. Purge and toss or donate any items that you have not used for the past year, or sell them on local classifieds to make some more money for your new home! Keep only the items you need the most and moving will be easier, saving you both time and money. You do not have to pay unnecessarily for packing and moving the items you do not need anymore.

Think about the kids: If you have kids and cannot wait until summer to move, try planning to do so over Spring Break. Children will be better able to adjust to a new school and friends after a significantly long break. Another great advantage to moving during the spring.

Save time and costs in certain areas: If you are moving in the spring, chances are you will save some sort of costs, especially if you hire professional movers.  In the winter, snow makes traffic heavier which causes for longer time spent moving your items (and more money). In summer, unless you book well in advance, you may have to choose a different date to move if your original preference is not available; this may result in delays getting you into your new home.

What you should remember before the move?

If you have decided to move during the spring, you’re on track to a great start; however, there are other important things you should start to plan, like hiring a local moving company.

  • Even though the season may not be overbooked or as busy as summer, there are still chances that a reputable moving company will be busy on the exact date you are planning to move. It is always good to contact professional residential movers well in advance, in order to book your spot. Make sure your moving company has a flexible policy, in case your moving date or time changes.
  • In order to choose the right moving company, you need to compare your options. Start asking for quotes from different residential movers in your area. Take time to compare the quotes given by different moving companies and choose the one that provide the best services at the most reasonable rates. You can ask for discounts and negotiate for the price of moving if you approach your local moving company But, be warned. Sometimes the cheapest on paper doesn’t mean the cheapest on moving day. Do you research and ensure there are no hidden fees in your quote. Is the moving company charging you travel time – or have they specifically said there is none? Same with charges for stops, stairs, appliances, piano moving – you name it! Ensure you are well informed, comfortable and satisfied at the time of booking your move package.
  • Before all the packing and unpacking, you should prepare an inventory of things that need to be moved. It will help you get a fair idea about the number of items that need to be moved. Plan out what items will go where, and create a run of play for moving day. Use our handy lists to ensure you haven’t missed anything! It will help you to be sure that all your belongings are secured and safe and that your residential movers do an efficient job.

Get ready for a move this spring and let it be an enjoyable experience. Just follow the pointers discussed above and you will make moving a successful event every time.

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