Are you moving to a new home soon? You must have already started packing for the big move! Moving to a new house gives you a mixed bag of feelings and emotions. On one hand, you will feel nostalgic about the old place – on the other, it will be exciting to make memories in a new home and meet new neighbors. With just a few days left before moving day, there is generally a lot of chaos, amidst which you might forget some of the small essentials – making your move somewhat chaotic and stressful. Even if you are calling a reputable and professional local moving company for the move, there are certain important things that you should do in advance. Below is a helpful checklist of the essential things you can do to make moving day easy:

  1. Pack items you’ll need on day one: Frantically searching for your toothpaste, mobile charger, or comb is the last thing you’d like to do the morning after moving day. Remember, you will be stressed, nervous, and tired after a move, so it is better to make a checklist of the things you’ll need on the first day in your new home. Pack a separate bag specifically for these essentials, and keep it with you during the move. The moving company will take care of all other belongings.
  2. Keep cleaning supplies handy: Do not expect the closets and drawers of the new house to be sparkling clean when you move in. You may even have to clean the toilets and the kitchen. You’ll also need floor cleaners, too, as floors get dirty on moving day – even with professional floor runners that your professional movers may provide. Your cleaning supplies should include paper towel, brooms, dustpans, mops, detergent, toilet cleaner, all purpose cleaners, and a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Keep a few hangers aside: Once you reach your new home, you won’t want to have to worry about what you are wearing in the first few days. If you are lucky enough to hire a professional moving company, they may provide you with wardrobe boxes for a quick transfer from one closet at the old house, to your new closet in the new location. Otherwise, as you get set for unpacking, be sure to have some extra hangers on hand and ready to use. Take out your clothes and hang them as you go. If you keep hangers handy, you do not have to search everywhere for them when it comes time to work on your closets.
  4. Keep a toolkit with you: With any new house, there are unexpected things you may not be prepared for. Keeping tools on hand can help with that. For example, the peg that’s supposed to hold a painting might suddenly come out of the wall, or you may find an electrical socket cover that has become loose. Unpacking may also require tools, too – what about scissors or a box knife to cut through tape on your moving boxes? A few of the must-haves for all moving day toolkits include a hammer, measuring tape, screwdriver, box knife, and pliers.
  5. Fire extinguisher is a must: It is important to ensure you are equipped with a fire extinguisher in your home. There’s no point in packing that alongside a thousand other things. Transport this item along with your other personal items, and ensure it gets to the best spot in your new home, right away. Inform all residents of the location of your fire extinguisher, too, to avoid any damage from a potential disaster.
  6. Separately pack essentials like chargers and toilet paper: People often forget to carry toilet paper and mobile phone chargers with them when moving from one place to another. While it seems funny to group them into the same list, these are essential items that most of us cannot live without. If your phone battery runs out, or you can’t use the washroom, you’ll be beyond frustrated! Consider laptop cords, hand soap and a toothbrush on this list, too! Let your local moving company move all of your items – but make sure to mark priority or important boxes and inform your movers, so they can put these boxes aside for easy access.
  7. Don’t forget the medicine: Your moving company will pack and seal everything (if you haven’t done so already) but, if you are on a regular medication, it is important that you keep those in your handbag. If possible, keep the entire first-aid box handy during your move. You never know when there may be a medical emergency or injury – and it’s safest to keep these items handy and within reach.
  8. Keep important documents safe: If you are traveling from one province or country to another, you may be required to regularly show your government identification. Keep your driver’s license, insurance documents, passport, car registration information, and medical records handy and on your person, whenever possible during a move. You never know when you will need the information quickly.
  9. Double check your keys: Amidst all the chaos of shifting and moving, people often tend to forget their keys. Once you’ve locked up your old home, leave the keys with the appropriate party who will pass them on to the new owners or tenants. Ensure you know where to get the new keys to your new home a few days before moving day. You want to ensure you have the keys on hand and ready to go, so as not to delay your move.

Keeping each of these tips in mind on moving day will not only make your relocation hassle-free but will also make it easy for you to start off fresh in your new home. It is always good to have a checklist before packing your belongings, which is why we offer regular tips and tricks on our website. Don’t forget to visit our Moving Tips + Lists page for more information!

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