Making a successful long-distance move is definitely not a child’s play. It is often a crucial and important decision to make a long-distance move, which needs to be implemented even more precisely. There are a lot of things to be considered before changing the location of your home or office, in order to save you from a lot of hassle and frustration on moving day.

The most important tips you can implement when moving over a long-distance include:

1. Plan in Advance

Like any other major events, such as preparing for a big exam or presenting the yearly budget for your company at an executive meeting, planning in advance is necessary even before implementing a process to move, and is as important as making the decision to move, in the first place! Think carefully and note down all the important points you need to consider for the moving process so that you do not forget anything when you move your home or business. Note down all the important names, websites and phone numbers of people and places you need to be in touch with while carrying out the moving process.

2. Downsize

The more items you plan to move the more expensive it will be. Moving items takes time, and that time costs money. Some long-distance moving companies also charge by the weight of your load, so downsizing and purging items before a move can be a huge advantage before your house movers or office movers arrive. Sell, donate or repurpose items, wherever possible, to save on large waste-disposal fees, and to ensure your items have a much needed new home.

3. Get In-House Estimates

Contact different moving companies at least three months prior to making the move and ask them to provide you with an in-house estimate for moving day. To provide an in-house estimate, a moving company representative visits your house and does a rough survey of all the items to be moved, and provides you with an approximate cost for the same. This way, you can also get an overall idea of the company personnel and the quality of service you will receive on moving day.

4. Research Moving Companies

Not all moving companies are created equal.  Some may not be genuine, others may have niche areas, and the quality is bound to vary greatly between different companies. Ensure a moving company is reputable by searching and verifying its details on Google, Yelp, etc. You can also study customer reviews and testimonials across various platforms, including Facebook, and more. Make sure the movers are providing you with a proper-size truck and enough manpower to move your baggage on moving day. Compare the quality of service and rates before you finalize the moving deal with the best suited moving company for you.

5. Move During Off-Season:

In some cases, moving companies may charge higher rates to move during peak moving season (late spring, summer and early fall – and especially on weekends). Moving your home or office space during this season can cost you extra pennies for the same amount of service which you may be able to get during off-season. Ask for rate discounts if you are moving in the winter, or during the week – it doesn’t hurt to see what additional discounts you can find.

6. Follow Up

Make sure that you or someone you know is ready at your new home on moving day, to receive the moving truck and movers. Block off or reserve ample parking space for the moving truck at the new location, and ensure there is enough unloading space in your home to place all your goods safely and in a somewhat organized fashion. Have the movers unpack for you, or ask the movers to place the boxes in certain rooms, so that you can take the time to unpack and place items where you’d like them in your new home.

7. Get Yourself Familiar With The New Neighbourhood

The hardest thing about a long distance move is getting oneself adjusted. Meet up and introduce yourself to neighbours and establish a healthy and friendly relationship with them. Get out and explore your new city and the streets, sights and sounds to become aware of and familiar with important and local spots.

If you don’t put the thought into your long-distance move in advance, it will lead to a lot of trouble for all parties involved. A pre-planned and organized action plan will ensure a stress-free move that is safe and secure. Whether you are moving locally or preparing for a long-distance move, Five Star Movers can help. We have been in the business for over two decades, and have experience moving homes, offices and businesses of all types. With locations in the GTA and Mississauga, we move residents in all surrounding areas, and across Ontario.  Moving from Toronto to Ottawa? Or planning a move from Montreal to Windsor? We cover it all. Contact us today for your FREE quote and let us do your heavy lifting.